Green Jumping CANNIBAL Spiders (Mopsus mormon)



Cutest Cannibal* Ever

Here we have both the male and female of the green jumping spider, which is common in my home of Queensland, Australia. I found these two on separate days, but on the same plant. They build a nest with three compartments, with the egg sac in the middle and the male and female in separate compartments on either side.

The male looks a little bit like a gorilla, or maybe an eccentric professor. This one also happens to be missing a leg. Maybe the female had a little nibble and that’s why they sleep in separate bedrooms. As you can see, the female is rather partial to eating other spiders – she was snacking on a Huntsman spider when I found her. I think I’d probably sleep in a separate room too.

Unlike nearly all harmless spiders in Australia they won’t kill you, but theoretically they could jump on your face and bite you, and I’m told that their bite is painful. You have been warned. About the harmless teeny tiny spider with adorable eyes.

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*Ok, technically I think they have to eat their own species to be considered cannibals. But still…. it’s eating another spider. That’s close enough for me.


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